Controlled Access to Confidential Data Is Crucial

Access control to data is vital for any business that has private or confidential information. Access control is a must for any organization that has employees who connect to the internet. Daniel Crowley, IBM’s X Force Red team head of research, explains that access control is a method to limit access to information only to a specific group of people and under certain conditions. There are two main components: authentication and authorization.

Authentication is the process of making sure that the person you’re trying to get access to is who they claim to be. It also involves the verification of a password or other credentials that must be provided prior to granting access to the network, application or file.

Authorization refers to granting access based on a particular job function within the company for example, marketing, HR, or engineering. Role-based access control (RBAC) is one of the most popular and effective my website ways to limit access. This kind of access is governed by policies that determine the information needed to perform specific business functions and assigns permission to the appropriate roles.

It is simpler to manage and monitor any changes when you have a policy for access control that is standardized. It is essential to ensure that policies are clearly communicated to employees to ensure the proper handling of sensitive information, as well as to establish a procedure for revoking access when an employee leaves the business and/or changes their job or is terminated.

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