Antivirus Software Guide – The Best Antivirus Programs

A quality antivirus program guards your system from threats such as spyware, viruses, worms keyloggers, adware rootkits, and cryptojackers. It searches for dangerous files on your device and, depending on its settings, either deletes or puts them in quarantine. It can also block harmful websites and block your devices from connecting to unsecure Wi-Fi networks.

A majority of modern tablets and smartphones have built-in antivirus protection. However, these programs generally aren’t as robust as standalone cybersecurity suites. In this article, you’ll find a list of the best antivirus programs that provide high malware detection rates, along with a variety of other protections. They include anti-phishing tools as well as an VPN and disk optimization tools.

Viruses and Trojans

Viruses, which are the most prevalent type of malware, can be transmitted from one computer or device to another via email attachments and infected websites. They can be used to steal passwords and financial information, to destroying important files. Worms are like viruses, except they can create botnets, which can be used to send out spam or launch attacks on other computers. Trojans however, are able to spy on users by recording their keyboard movements and key combinations.

A quality antivirus program can also block malicious websites designed to collect credit card and banking information from unaware users. It can also protect against ransomware, which locks files and locks them up until you pay a price to unlock them. The top antivirus programs listed here even come with the ability to prevent ransomware from executing by stopping your system from downloading its code.

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