What to Include on Your Board Meeting Agenda

A board meeting agenda is the document that defines the topics to be discussed, debated, and approved at the next meeting. To develop an effective agenda for a board meeting, you must understand your organization’s requirements as well as the preferences of its members. It is a document which should be developed with a team to ensure the highest quality information, engagement and efficiency are attained.

The board secretary must read the minutes of the meeting before calling the meeting to begin. This will let everyone know the position they are in with regard to the previous discussions boardchatroom.com/contract-management-process-steps and decisions and lets them jump into new topics faster.

This portion of the agenda will include important information from the main players in the room on a wide range of topics. Depending on the structure of your company, this section may include reports by the executive director, finance director, or the program committee. This is also where board members can address any concerns that arise from these reports or other news relevant to the topic.

This is also where your board can set aside time for any new issues or business they’d like raise. This is the perfect time to make special announcements, send congratulations messages or shout-outs. Following this, the facilitator officially ends the meeting and announces the date for the next one.

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