How to Prepare for a Meeting

Effective meetings aren’t just an issue of luck. They take time, effort, and lots of planning to ensure that everyone feels that they’ve gained something from the experience. Effective meetings take planning time and effort to ensure that everyone feels like they have gained something from the experience.

Understanding the purpose of the meeting is vital to preparing for it. What is the goal that the team is expected to achieve by the end of the session? This is the « Why » of the meeting, and it’s what drives decision-making, discussion topics, and outcomes. It’s essential to adhere to one purpose so that the participants can remain focused.

Before the meeting gets underway be sure to ask clarifying questions in asynchronous manner and then share the questions with the other members of the team so that they can plan accordingly. Doing nothing until the meeting to ask questions is a waste of lots of time during the session which could be better used for other tasks.

Creating an agenda is another key aspect of meeting preparation and it’s vital to ensure that this is open, accessible and clear to everyone. The agenda is a way to organize the meeting and ensures that it stays on track.

It’s also an excellent idea to assign one person to be the note keeper and timekeeper to ensure that the meeting begins and ends on time, and that all agenda items are discussed in the proper order. It’s a good idea to designate a person to send out notes after the meeting so that all crucial details are recorded.

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