How to Take Meeting Notes Effectively

If you’re planning to take notes for meetings efficiently it is essential to capture and organize content in a way that’s useful after the fact. A well-written set of notes from meetings can help you remember past decisions as well as the topics discussed in future meetings.

There are a variety of best practices to take notes, regardless of whether you are using a digital tool or a paper-based one. 1. Recording important information is essential.

The time you spend thinking about the main points of a meeting before you walk into it can help you concentrate on capturing the right information and avoid getting distracted by other issues on your mind. This could also help you better understand what the goal of the discussion to help you make informed decisions on how to approach the issue later on.

2. If you can write with your hands, do it.

Research suggests that analog note takers have a greater conceptual understanding than those who take digital notes. If you have a notebook, consider the Cornell note-taking system, which divides notes into a left column and an right column. The left column highlights key ideas from the meetings and the right column focuses on details and ideas.

It is also possible to invite participants to contribute their thoughts during the meeting. This will help everyone feel that they are a part of the conversation and contribute to the discussion. Note down the actions at the end of each meeting and who is accountable.

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