The Best Board Collaboration Features

When it comes time to work together, board members require a solution which offers flexibility, security, and accessibility. To meet these goals the most effective boards for collaboration come with advanced features that help improve the board’s work.

Whiteboard tools are available to allow board members to create a virtual whiteboard using text, shapes, images, post-it notes, and more. Additionally, a digital whiteboard can be integrated with video calls and conference software, which lets teams work across rooms and devices. It also permits secure sharing of files and version control, which ensures security and privacy.

Other tools like meeting analytics assist directors in preparing for meetings and increase the level of engagement. They also provide unique insights on how directors interact with the board’s materials prior to meetings. Furthermore, these platforms allow directors to sign their documents by clicking on them.

With a range of tools to aid in collaboration online whiteboards are a ideal option to teach students. This includes Limnu’s realistic marker drawing as well as other collaborative features that make the process of teaching online less daunting. The ability of multiple boards to be displayed simultaneously, with different permissions, while also restricting access and making it an ideal option for classrooms. Another advantage of Limnu is its speedy sharing capability: students are able to quickly share a link to a display. This assures that no one is left out during a lesson and is especially useful for students with special needs. The app also lets teachers add new media to the board, which can be helpful in enhancing student understanding.

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